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Trailer for Stormbound



Lacey Parker, widowed, single mother for the past five years no longer celebrates holidays at home. One day just before the 4th of July celebration her ten-year-old son Zachary who protests this seemingly steadfast resolution asks his mother why not? Lacey has no clear cut answer to give. She simply prefers to be somewhere else during these times of family celebrations.

Dr. Michael Tanner, the attending physician at County Memorial’s ER is having doubts about staying in the medical profession, especially after losing a young girl’s life in his ER, and only a week later almost losing a young boy’s life.

Michael and Lacey become stranded inside an old farmhouse during a raging Nor’easter with some very colorful characters. Despite the potential for total destruction, life shows both that amid potential disaster there still exists hope and a promise of good things to come.

Look for STORMBOUND at


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The Empty Nest Cookbook!

Just in time for the holidays! This book has a slew of wonderful recipes. There's a great section on how to cook that perfect turkey. Joy Smith is a member of my CTRWA Chapter who has written this cookbook that gives not only delicious yummy recipes but also menus and a bit of revelations. You can read more about Joy and her books at her website titled Joy Smith's Blog! And you can read all about her latest adventure on the open seas! Just reading through this episode I got a little seasick myself.

Here's one recipe from Joy's book that I don't think Joy will mind if I share with you. I think it's perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

(Who doesn't like a well prepared cobbler! I'm making it and bringing it to my son's on Thanksgiving Day! )

(Try this no-batter coffee cake when time is short.)

4 pounds ripe pears, peeled, cored and sliced.

2 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons cornstarch

1 package regular-sized refrigerated buttermilk biscuits

4 tablespoons melted butter or margarine

1/4 cup granulated sugar

Preheat over to 350 degrees. Butter a 9x13x2 inch baking pan. In a mixing bowl combine the pears, lemon juice, sugar, blueberries, and cornstarch. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan. Open the package of biscuits and separate them. Dip each biscuit top first in the melted butter and then in the sugar. Arrange them on top of the fruit in a single layer. Bake the cobbler in a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes, until fruit bubbles and is tender and the biscuits are golden brown. Serve with vanilla ice cream!

Can't wait to try this recipe!

Thanks Joy!

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Giving Back to Veterans -

This is from an excerpt from Time Magazine July 14, 2008 Issue:

"With Veternas Affairs overwhelmed by two wars, it may be a good thing, spiritually, for the rest of us to help those who have sacrificed so much in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few years ago, a colonel who had just returned from combat told me, "Over there, it always felt like we're stuck in hell and the country is at the mall." Part of the responsibility for the disconnect lies with President George W. Bush, who never asked us to sacrifice for the war effort. It's time to rectify that. "I'd like to see every kid in America give part of their allowance to help the troops," Wilpon says. As an elderly kid, I'm giving part of mine. If you want to help, please visit"

I personally am hoping that we bring our troops back. In the meantime, every book I sell of A Soldier's Fortune, a part of those proceeds (10%) will go to this organization.

So you can help by just ordering a copy of A Soldier's Fortune, either in ebook or paperback. 10% of my royalties will be donated to this organization - WelcomeBackVeterans.Org

And don't forget on this Veterans Day to remember those who gave up their lives so that we can remain free. We must do what President Elect Obama encourages, help each other and in turn we will help this nation be once again the strong resilient nation that it can be.

To Order A Soldier Fortune : Click on Treble Heart Books

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A Soldier's Fortune

I remember doing a booksigning for this story on Veterans Day 2002. The booksigning was at the Nautilus Museum in Groton, Connecticut. I remember looking out at my audience, and sitting among them was my family: my son, my daughter-in-law, and my three year old granddaughter. I also saw an empty chair which would have been occupied by my late husband who had passed on only two months before. I got up to read the excerpt that I had planned for the occasion. I chose the Epilogue mainly because the scene takes place in front of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. and thought it would be appropriate for the occasion. I started out okay, but then emotions overtook me and my good friend then Ellie finished the passage.

I thought I'd share it here.

"Skeletal branches arched up toward a steely sky. Lian knew beneath the cold ground, seeds of continuing life would eventually produce the promised flowers of spring. A crisp breeze blew through her mid-length hair.

On either side of her stood five figures reflected by a ribbon of dark granite. Her eyes panned the glossy surface. So many names, she though, far too many names.

Shivers ran through her, caused by not the cold but form something else that stirred deep inside. On her right, Pop sat in a wheelchair. In his uncertainty, he kept his hands folded in his lap. The protective lambskin collar of his thick green corduroy jacket was pulled up to his ears. He hadn't spoken much since leaving the hotel.

Sean stood on her left. He also hadn't said much since getting up that morning. Now lost in thought, dressed in jeans, a dark brown bomber jacket, he kept close to her side. Unsure of what to do with his own hands, he awkwardly held a charcoal pencil and paper that had been given to him by the local park attendant.

"Here's the panel," Harry whispered, reverently.
"Yeah, now we just have to look for the line," Sean replied.
Lia held her breath, feeling a rush of anticipation surge through. She glanced at Brad. A younger version of his father, his face showing uncertainty, confusion and something else she couldn't quite discern. Brad turned, met his mother's gaze. "I'm a generation from this," he quietly commented.

Lia nodded, forcing down a fear and the image of having to search the Wall for her son's name, instead of the name of a dead brother-in-law.

"There is is," Harry pointed out, drawing close to the reflective surface. His voice was soft, respectfully remorseful.

Sean drew in a breath, joined Harry and for a long moment studied the inscription. Resignedly, as if finally able to accept the truth about his brother, he lifted the pensil and pressed it firmly against the unyielding surface then rubbed across the paper with the pensil. Through broad even strokes, dark slate letters emerged.


Lia repeated the name silently. Russell Scott McIntyre had fought a war where more than thirty years later no one could say who the actual winners were.

She felt a delicate whisper-like touch pressing into her palm. Comfort followed as Tuyet's fingers intertwined with hers.

Soft murmurs drifted from the other visitors who lives had in some way become entangled in a similar pain, a similar resignation, a similar acceptance that allowed them to eventually heal.

Suddenly, Eliah pushed himself up out of his wheelchair, and approached the Wall. From one pocket, he drew an object. Lia, at first could not make it out except that it had been wrapped in plain white tissue paper.

As Eliah unfolded the mysterious package, she saw that they were some of his prized arrowheads, ones he had treasured for more years than she could remember. Then he drew from his other pocket a string of beads, the only finds to originate from the rescue dig, which although some would regard as unsuccessful as far as finding tangible treasures, they all had found so much more--each other.

To give himself support, Eliah placed on hand below the letters of Russell's name, then eased himself down toward the ground where he placed his offerings of arrowheads and beads.

Sean watched, said nothing. After a moment, he placed a hand beneath Eliah's elbow, and helped him back to his feet.

Lia, Tuyet, Harry, and Brad moved toward the two men, forming a semi-circle of comfort.

They had all been there in Vietnam Lia felt, in some manner. She traced the letters of her brother-in-law's name.

How strange, she thought. Cold in appearance, yet it felt warm to the touch. She stared at the cross pattern, which had once declared Russell an MIA. She traced the diamond shaped lines that had been etched there years later, confirming his death.

Sean's hand covered hers, then drew it away from the stone surface. Lovingly, he looked at her. She met his gaze, and felt grateful for the life that now stretched before them as well as the memories that would eventually heal all wounds.

A Soldier's Fortune can be ordered through TREBLE HEART BOOKS.


No More Secrets, No More Lies

Earning a four star rating from Romantic Times Book Club Magazine, my book No More Secrets, No More Lies has been well received by those who read the story.

Here's the blurb:

Sydney Morgan, single mother, financial advisor, wants the best for her physically challenged son. Except when his biological father re-enters her life, she realizes the secrets and consequential lies she has forced her son to live may destroy not only his trust but also his love.
When Grant Sinclair brings Sydney Morgan back into his fold, he soon discovers her long held secret. Will this secret end up destroying the yet fragile emotions that still exist between them, as well as a possible future together as a family?

Click here To Read an Excerpt.

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A contemporary inspirational romance that will touch the heart and lift the spirit! A great upcoming read for these troubled times. Perfect for the holidays.

Lacey Parker, widowed, single mother for the past five years no longer celebrates holidays at home. One day her ten-year-old son Zachary who protests this seemingly steadfast resolution asks his mother why not? Lacey has no clear cut answer to give. She simply prefers to be somewhere else during these times of family celebrations.

Dr. Michael Tanner, the attending physician at County Memorial’s ER is having doubts about staying in the medical profession, especially after losing a young girl’s life in his ER, and only a week later almost losing a young boy’s life.

Dr. Tanner and Lacey Parker become stranded inside an old farmhouse during a raging Nor’easter with some colorful characters. Despite the potential for total destruction, life shows both that amid potential tragedies there still exists hope and a promise of good things to come.

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We are into the last week of September. Next week we begin October. And as we all know from past experiences, the days, weeks, months can go by so fast we're suddenly thinking WOW, it's New Year's Eve already! What happened to 2008????

While sorting through my stuff I came across some nifty cookie recipes, the no-bake kind.

I thought, why not share these with others now. Then we can all start to prepare for that holiday baking. Maybe if we have the freezer space, make up a few batches now, freeze them, and have them all set to go come Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever other festivity we will find ourselves involved.

I will start to post these cookie recipes up on my website starting this week. So stay tune and occasionally go and check out the website. These you'll be able to easily copy and use when it comes time to holiday baking!

Some of the recipes are -

Chocolate-Chip Peanut Butter Cookies
Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
Apple Cookies - (This one sounds great!)
Maple Cranberry Cookies (Perfect for the colder months!)
Coconut Cookies (You can't get any healthier than this!)
S'mores (A great and easy treat! My grandkids loved these.)
Choco Puffs (This is sooo easy, and actually healthy as well.)
Rocky Road (With some chocolate chips, graham crackers, peanuts and marshmallows plus a few more ingredients, you got a great treat.)
Crispy Rice Treats (the old standby)
Plus I'll be putting up recipes for cereal bars, icebox bars, etc.

All you have to do is occasionally go to my website - and look for these recipes!

Marie Roy


To Order No More Secrets, No More Lies

Click On Forbidden Publications

To Order A Soldier's Fortune

Click on Treble Heart Books

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My latest YouTube Video

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Dance if you can!

Nobody cares if you can't dance well...just get up and dance!

That's what I do most every weekend.

I go dancing.


I dance because I don't think about anything else other than what my feet are doing.

I dance because it helps calm my spirit and my soul.

I dance because then I like myself better.

I can move to the rhythm of the music.

I can feel the rhythm of the music.

And for that time that I dance I don't feel sad.

I dance so I do not have regrets that I didn't dance enough.

I dance so I do not think of the fears inside me that can come out at any time.

Dancing silences the noise in my head.

Dancing quiets the chaos in my soul.

Fear is kept at bay for the length of time I spend dancing.

Dancing stifles the anxiety that is always there beneath the surface.


Yeah, I dance and will keep on dancing until I can no longer dance.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



A contemporary romance that I've just contracted with Aspen Mountain Press. I fell in love with the characters in this story...each one different, unique, quirky to say the least. Find out what happens to each of them while stranded inside an old farmhouse during a dangerous storm that hits the Eastern Seaboard.

Stay tune for more details as they become available!

Is there such as thing as Serendipity?

The White House

I just finished watching Nicholas Cage's National Treasures with my
granddaughter. It's a pretty good movie, and certainly keeps your

At the very end of the movie one of the characters receives a white
envelope and it's marked from the "White House." Then it struck
me...I have one of those! While clearing out some of my stuff I came
across it and put it in my office somewhere. I received it 15 years
ago after writing some articles for a local newspaper, then sending
one of the articles to President Clinton re the war in Bosnia.

Anyway, I went into my office and looked for it. I found it and
brought it out and gave it to my granddaughter, who thought it was the
coolest thing ever. First to see it on the movie, and then having her
Grammy give her an envelope similar to the one she just saw on TV. We
put it in a special plastic folder. I told her to keep it safe. I'm
hoping one day when she follows her dream of becoming a lawyer or
perhaps a Senator, or who knows, maybe President she'll remember the
envelope I gave her today that was sent directly to me from the White

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Finalist in Treble Heart Book Awards for Best in Contemporary

A SOLDIER’S FORTUNE (Award winning novel that will lift your spirits, warm your hearts, and help you understand.)

Lia Martin’s father Eliah Stewart summons her to Split Maple Ridge, Vermont, a place where years later still evokes memories of a dark love and an even darker betrayal. Knowing how his daughter feels about this place, Lia feels he would not have asked her to return unless for a good reason.

The name Eliah Stewart still grates hard against Sean McIntyre’s soul, reminding him of the painful humiliation he had once experienced on that unforgettable night. Years later he would tell others he felt safer fighting in Vietnam than in those Vermont backwoods.

When unforeseen circumstances throw Lia, Sean and Eliah together under one roof, despite the reopening of painful past emotional wounds, love still exists between Lia and Sean. But the question remains if this love will survive once all truths of what took place on that stormy summer night are exposed. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Available in EBook and Papberback.

To Order Go to:


"Superb depth of character, heart-felt emotions, and a unique plot make

Marie A. Roy's A SOLDIER'S FORTUNE a wonderful reading experience. Few

authors know how to make a story come to life the way Marie A. Roy does."

Denise A. Agnew, best selling author of Dangerous Intentions

Denise A. Agnew

This is a bitter sweet tale that reminds me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series in some ways, instead of Grandma Mazur there is Eliah Stewart. The humor in the story helped to balance the seriousness that penetrated whenever the Vietnam aspect was brought to the fore. Marie A. Roy has written a story showing how love can come at any age. I see future romance novels with older hero heroines and I must say if they are all as good as A Soldier's Fortune they'll be enjoyed by readers of every age.

---Kimberly Lightfoot

The Word on Romance

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In Memory Of

July 6, 2008 marks the sixth anniversary of my late husband's death. I found this photo of Bob. It pretty much demonstrates he was a person who enjoyed life. Yes, he loved his Heineken beer, though he wasn't much of a drinker. This photo was taken at a dinner party the night before my younger son's wedding back in 1997. It is hard to believe that five year later Bob would leave us.

Bob taught high school math for thirty-three years. His 34th year would have had him retiring from that profession, although Bob was not the kind of person to retire from anything. He probably would have been teaching at a local college at least part time.

He provided an excellent role model for his sons, who are now excellent fathers and husbands. He also provided a great role model for his students, many of whom have gone on and become what they intended to become, productive human beings doing what they love doing.

We will never fully know why people like Bob must leave us in this life. The only thing my family and I have come up with is that Bob after devoting all those years teaching young minds the complex problems of algebra, calculus, applied mathematical terms, Bob had fulfilled his purpose here on this earth. And he had only fifty-five years to do it. Young for someone who had so much more to give. Many do not leave such a legacy behind as he did where what he taught now lives on through the minds of all of his students.

I of course miss him every day. And I will continue to miss him until it is my turn to join him. The pain has soften somewhat to the extent that I am now able to upload a photo of him without experiencing too much of that pain, Instead a bittersweet sadness fills me inherent in losing someone like Bob from my life.

Yes, it has been a struggle these past six years, My struggle continues. In the process I've been strengthened by it all, no longer afraid that I can't go it alone without him. This is not what he would have wanted for me, not able to enjoy life because of fear.

So I continue to stumble along, make my way and know each day, each year I survive. I'm just lucky Bob left me two sons and their families to make this journey less painful.

Still, whenever one of my grandkids reaches a milestone in their lives, each one of us wonders, "Now what would Grampy have thought, or say or do?"

The fact that I can do this memorial is a milestone for me in a sense as it shows me the denial that I had been in is lessening along with the pain.

I do know that he would be smiling, have that mischievous look in his eyes, and know that he is always proud of his kids and his family members. Bob loved life! And he would want all of us loving life as much as he did!

Bob, you will always be loved and remembered in our minds and our hearts!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Proud to be an American

Tomorrow will be the Fourth of July! Where I live up here on the mountain, nearby is a lake. By the lake we have our own Fireworks Festivities. So all I have to do is sit on my back deck, settle myself with some snacks and a glass of Merlot and enjoy!

I just finished a story that is being considered for publication which takes place around the Fourth of July. I call it Stormbound because a fierce storms hits the eastern seaboard where the story takes place. This story is not erotic and in fact has very little sex, if any. But the characters were so much fun to work with that despite the lack of "sex" the story practically wrote itself.

Stormbound was actually inspired by a set of Christmas carolers I spotted in a small gift shop while vacationing in the area of Lake George, New York. Somehow the image of the old man with a long red and white scarf wrapped around his neck created a cluster of ideas and plot points that had me feeling as if I were simply recording the facts. In the book titled Writing The Natural Way talks about "clustering." I think that's what happened to me where I pretty much allowed my mind free rein to create a story that involved a group of quirky characters, each playing out their own scenario within the time frame of a storyline that occurs during a nor'easter. And within this time frame we get to see that character arc where each personality is altered or changed in some way by the end of the story.

Character arc is important in a novel. Otherwise the story become stagnant and simply goes no where. People change. Events change people. And this needs to happen at least within the pages of a story.

I also do this character arc thing in my book A Soldier's Fortune. Lia Martin, the heroine is changed at the end by the events that take place. Sean McIntyre, hero (Vietnam Veteran) is changed at the end as well . And even stubborn set in his ways Elia Stewart, into his eighties, is changed at the end of the story.

Here's the blurb to that story:

Lia Martin's father, Eliah Stewart, summons her to Split Maple Ridge, Vermont a place where years later still evokes memories of a dark love and an even darker betrayal. Knowing how his daughter feels about this place, Lia feels he would not have asked her to return unless for a good reason.

The name Eliah Stewart still grates hard against Sean McIntyre's soul, reminding him of the painful humiliation he had once experienced on that unforgettable night. Years later he would tell others he felt safer fighting in Vietnam than in those Vermont backwoods.

When unforeseen circumstances throw Lia, Sean and Eliah together under one roof, despite the reopening of painful past emotional wounds, a love still exists between Lia and Sean. The question is if love can survive once all truths of what really took place on that stormy summer night are exposed.

A Soldier's Fortune is a great read for this upcoming holiday reminding us of those who have served and are serving our country through good and difficult times. Right now we're into pretty difficult times. So instead of driving and using up gas, I suggest simply using that money to order some great reads. And doing it via a publisher's online site. Here are some publishers sites where you can obtain some great reads.

Aspen Mountain Press You'll find Goin' Down Anthology here

Forbidden Publications Look for me here either Marie A. Roy or Collette Thomas

Noble Romance I'm contracted here, so look for me here in the upcoming weeks.

Treble Heart Books - You can order A Soldier's Fortune here.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Macrame and Creativity

I've been so busy with living or I should say writing stories as my alter ego, that poor little old me --the real me --has been feeling a bit neglected lately.

Sometimes I get the two mixed up and have to ask myself when I sit down to write, who am I? Am I Marie today? Or am I going to write as my let's say willing to push the envelope psyche, Collette?

Today I think I'll try to remain within the mind frame of simply Marie. And it's Marie who writes the edgy forensic thriller stories. Who also writes stories with that erotic edge as well as tales that are not so erotic but sensual And who has contracted her full length thriller Deadly Secrets to Noble Romance Publishing. This project does not have a release date yet. I do look forward to working on the story through the summer.

Yet, Marie has been sitting on her duff while Collette writes those over the top, sexy, hot hot tales that keep readers coming back for more. Okay if you want to go see some of her covers, just click on Newsletter

In fairness to Marie, she hasn't been idle but has been busily crafting macrame jewelry, also referred to as hemp jewelry. Some of these items will be offered as prizes in upcoming contests on either Marie's or Collette's websites. They are fun necklaces, some of which have these beautiful pendants containing brilliant psychedelic colors.

For those old enough (like moi) to remember the 60's you know what I'm referring to when I mention psychedelic colors. Now grant you I never tried anything that would alter my brain like those psychedelic drugs. I was either too smart or too afraid. I actually did get through the 60's without ever partaking in any of that stuff.

But oh I still recall the psychedelic fashions. I remember the short mini skirts and dresses in bright yellows, greens, blues, pinks, red, purples, all swirly colors that had you wondering if you were even on drugs.

I remember the paisley prints, and the earthy tones, and again all those purples with swirls of that same bright yellow.

And of course the shorter the skirt or dress -- the better! And let's not forget the hot pants...short short shorts!

I was a size two back then, short, skinny, and wore these fashion and back then got away with it. Now they offer a pleasant memory.

When I saw these pendants in one of the craft stores the other day, I knew I had to make up necklaces specifically so that I could wear them. Holding them is like holding a miniature piece of art.

I'll be posting pics of them on Abby Marie Creations website once I get them completed.

These represent a piece of that past, namely the psychedelic age where creative minds also like Collette possessed a no-holds-bar frame of mind.

Collette has asked me to make up a few of these necklaces so that both readers of Marie A. Roy and Collette Thomas will have a chance to win a few. Then they too can be transported back to an age of Aquarius, freedom of mind, and swirly colors.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Take a peek at my books!

No More Secrets, No More Lies - Contemporary Romance that's sure to win your hearts. You can find this at Forbidden Publications

A Soldier's Fortune - A book that will remind you why we should thank all our military troops now serving our country. You can find this at Treble Heart Books

The Last Day of Twinship!

June 1964 - The last day my sister and I dressed alike. It marked a transition that helped us finally establish our individual selves. And it happened in June!

And I'm definitely the one on the left side of this photo!


Notice a pattern here? We are still dressed alike! It became a part of who we were and very seldom did my sister and I wear different clothing. Even when we went out to play, we wore the same outfits, and my mom made sure everything matched! At all times we were coordinated from shoes, sock, dresses, coats, hats, gloves, and even pocketbooks. There is a reason for this and it was something I discovered only a few months before she past on. She had been orphaned from the age of four and lived in an orphanage until she was sixteen. When she left she always made sure she dressed nice, and everything matched. I'm guessing she had to wear other people's hand-me-downs. Why she insisted her daughters wore new clothing that matched!

And I'm pretty sure I'm the one on the right side of the photo!


June is a month of reflection. Probably because it is the month when I was born my mind tends to go back to the past.

Here's my sister and I at less than a year old. Again, I don't know which one is me. How strange that must be for others to see your baby pictures and not know. For me, if they're not label, then I simply play the guessing game.

As I go through these photos, I think maybe it's time to write about a story involving twins. I certainly know what it's like growing up as a multiple. Certain things happen to multiples that don't happen to singletons, like being regarded as a part of a whole rather than one individual. Already in my brain somewhere a story is germinating and eventually it will have to be told. Meantime, here's a photo of me and my sister in a double sized stroller.


The photo to the left is of me and my sister celebrating our second birthday. Which one is me? I haven't a clue!!!! And that is always a problem when looking through old photographs of ourselves.

I could be the one on the right.

Or (squinting my eyes) I could be the one on the left.

I think I'm the one on the come to think of it that's me on the left. Frankly, I can't tell.

We were born June 11, 194(?). Our scheduled delivery date was supposed to have been July 8. But nature had other plans. My sister at 5 pounds was able to go home and do her thing. Me? Weighing in at four pounds, two ounces, I stayed a month longer. At least this gave my parents a chance to see what taking care of one baby was going to be like, and enough time to practice until I made my entry into their lives. Needless to say their lives were never the same afterward.

This photo was taken way back when World War II was over for a couple of years. My dad had come home from the war the previous September before our births. My parents had already been married eight years prior to his coming home! And they had wanted kids but it just didn't happen, not until my dad's stint in the army was over.

Yeah, I have to say June was always a good good month for us. My sister and I as you can see in the photo above shared birthdays but we did not share a cake. Mom always made sure each of us had our very own cake.

JUNE 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 2008

And finally some good weather. I've been visiting my favorite place, Lake Winfield. It is a small lake that provides a great place for walking, jogging, or for the ambitious running. Here I manage to get in some running time (not fast) but enough to get the cardio up to a reasonable rate where I can work off some calories.

Also, here I am able to relax and think. I find walking/running out there in nature inspiring, triggering the germ of a story, or a new character, or simply letting my mind go where it has a mind to go.

In upcoming weeks I will be working on several projects, one of which is a straight contemporary romance tentatively titled Stormbound. This one is a fun, uplifting story with a pretty good twist at the ending. It's the kind of story that is perfect for either the summer months, or even around the winter holidays....can't give away the plot.

The characters have become quite alive inside my mind as they continue to develop. Stormbound hasn't found a home yet as I haven't submitted it, but when I do, please check back for more details.

Meantime, you can go check out my other stories.

Canterville: Book One - The Dead Speak at Loose Id received a three star from Romantic Times which means they liked it, and said it presented suspenseful surprises.

No More Secrets, No More Lies -- This is available at Forbidden Publications. Again, Romantic Times reviewer enjoyed this story as the reviewer gave it four stars. I occasionally have emails coming to me on this story. I guess it's one of those stories that stays in the mind because of the characters.

A Soldier's Fortune is I think a great read for this time of year with the approaching Memorial Day Weekend as well as the Fourth of July holiday. This has been on Treble Heart Book's website for a number of years.

All the above are stories that I feel feed the soul, the spirit, and create a place where readers can escape to and leave all the "small stuff" behind.

Marie A. Roy - Enter my World

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Will Winter Leave????

I woke up this morning and the temperatures were in the teens. Suddenly, I felt sorry for the spring birds that came almost two weeks ago. I remember lying in bed and hearing the Canadian geese returning to Lake Winfield. Or looking out the bay window and spotting my first robin.

I think we're all confused.

I'm ready for spring. I no longer want to be remembering where I put my earmuffs, or mittens, or my knitted scarves.

I simply want to leave my house with only one layer of clothing on, not several. I want to put away the winter parkas, and the snow boots, and all the stuff that helped me get through these colder months.

I'm thinking of my garden and what I will plant there: zucchini, yellow squash, egg plant, several varieties of tomatoes, and perhaps this year another attempt at corn.

Winter has overstayed its visit, it is time for it to leave and let spring come in. Except I'm thinking that as what has happened in previous years, spring forgets to drop by, and instead we at least here in the Northeast can go straight from winter's biting cold to summer's steamy heat, without that gradual period that helps us make the transition from cold to hot.

And with a forecast of another wintry mix in the offering on March 28, I don't think March plans to go out like a lamb.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

CONNections Writing Contest 2008 !

If you haven't entered our Connections Writing Contest, this is your chance. I've pasted the entry form below. Fill it out, follow the rules and send your entry to me. You can email me for the address:

CONNections Entry form/rules
2008 CTRWA CONFERENCE May 30-31, 2008 Mark your calendar to attend! Check out www.CTRWA for details.
2008 CONNections CONTEST

Official Entry Form

Entrant name____________________________________________RWA number_______________

Address_____________________________________City______________ State_______ Zip______

Telephone:_______________ E-mail:_________________________________________

Entry title________________________________________________________________

Targeted publisher:_________________________________________________________

Series line (if appropriate):______________________Estimated Word Count:___________________

Please check the appropriate category for your entry:

__Series contemporary __ Single title contemporary __

__Single title mystery/romantic suspense __Historical __Paranormal

If not enough entries are received in my category, enter it into________________________

Bonus judging-- CONNections best first meeting between the hero and heroine.(automatic)

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Entry fee $30.00 plus a SASE for return: Please make out check to CTRWA
Postmark Deadline extended!: It is now March 15, 2008
Top prize $30

Separate judging for the best First Meeting with a prize of jewelry

I have read, understand and I agree to abide by the official rules of Connecticut RWA’s CONNections Contest. I will accept and abide by the decisions of any judges and/or contest officials regarding the winners or runners-up in the contest and not hold anyone responsible for any and all disputes arising from my entry into this contest. If I am disqualified for any reason, my entry fee is forfeited. I further submit that this entry is my original work and has not been accepted for publication.


Contact Marie Roy, Contest Coordinator, for submission address at:
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CONNections Contest 2008
Official Rules
• You are eligible to enter any category in which you are NOT PUBLISHED and not judging. If you have not been published for over three years, though, you may enter any category.
• The entry consists of the first 30 pages of your manuscript in standard double-spaced format with 1-inch margins. You may include a one-page synopsis, but it will NOT be judged. Please send three copies of the entry. The title must be placed in the upper left-hand corner of each page with the page number in the upper right-hand corner of each page. No name on manuscript. Attach a completed entry form, check, and SASE and send to contest coordinator’s address.
• The Contestant’s Agreement section on the entry form must be completed for your entry to be accepted. The contestant is responsible for choice of category entered.
• Please tell us the targeted publisher (and line, if for Harlequin or Silhouette series romances. For example: Intrigue, Everlasting, Luna, etc.) It will help our judges evaluate your entry accurately.
• You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be mailed separately and must include the entry fee and SASE postage.
• You may enter more than one manuscript in the same category.
• You may not enter a single manuscript in more than one category.


Finalists will be notified in April and the final round judges will be editors.

Winners will be announced at the CTRWA conference, Ignite Your Muse 2008, on May 31,2008 in North Haven, CT or notified thereafter if not attending.

Note: There must be at least 5 entries in each category. If the minimum number is not received, the category will be eliminated and the entry will be judged in the category you have specified as a backup.

Thanks for your interest in the CONNECTIONS Contest 2008. We look forward to receiving your entry—and good luck!

Check CTRWA website for updates and final round judges’ names.