Friday, November 13, 2009

Class in Progress

Sugar Completed Puppy Obedience Class

Yep, she and I made it to all eight sessions. It was touch and go again, simply because Sugar has certain traits that could have worked against her graduating from this class, such as stubborness, lots of energy, a curiosity unmatched by many, and wanting to be the center of attention.

No dog was too small or too big for Sugar, she wanted to know them all. I compared her to the class clown, always vying for attention, and not paying attention to boot. But during those last two class sessions when Sugar actually began to sit, lay down, and stay in place, and when she did not touch the treat laid out in the aisles to the command "Leave it!" I knew. Sugar was going to make it through. And she did. She performed with the best of them, and proved that with persistence, perseverance, and lots of patience goals can be accomplished.