Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Woes!

What a winter! I'm sure everyone here in CT will agree with over thirty roof collapses, one occurring not less than five minutes from me.

And if that's not enough we're going to have to watch out for flooding when the warmer weather starts setting in. I have mounds of snow in my backyard and wonder where is it all going to go once it starts the melting process.

This has been a winter of distractions for me and for my writing. The flow has been interrupted with thoughts of roof cave ins, possible power outages, and a dog that needs grooming. I had scheduled to bring her in this Monday. I called to ensure their roof had been shoveled. Not yet. I canceled the appointment.

I do know spring is not far. Peering through my bay window this past Sunday I spotted a flock of geese flying in perfect formation toward one of my favorite places...a small lake in our town where geese go to nest. I can't wait when I can go take walks there. It is a place for reflection where I can get my mind back into a calmer state.

The words "life is short" echo more now than ever before. Goals for me have changed some although I'm still focused on writing my stories. I do know because of what has occurred during these past eight years I'm always alert to possibilities of things either falling by the wayside or actually going at a good pace.

During these types of winters one has to realize that weather can call the shots. So I go accordingly.

Ideas for stories are spinning around inside my brain just waiting for release.

I hope that the weather will give us all a bit of a reprieve this week. It looks like it's doing just that. I look forward to going dancing this weekend. And I hope I'll keep dancing my way right into spring!