Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's Youth

I know there are kids out there actually willing to learn. Yet, a little while ago a neighbor's son comes over and without asking starts to go through stuff that is on my shelves. I was in the other room. I didn't particularly liked his touching my stuff without asking my permission. And when he picks up a National Geographic DVD on the Universe and asked, "Did you really watch this?" I said yes. His reply, "Boring."

That tells me a lot about this misguided soul who feels that the world around us boring, that learning about it, and discovering new things about it is not worth his time.

There are so many inane boring reality shows on TV that this generation has no awareness of that what surrounds them in terms of enlightenment, and basically a solid understanding of our world can set them on a course that will feed their curiosity for years to come.

Sad indeed.

Of course when I mentioned that to truly understand the Universe you need a good understanding of math...well hello...that's when I really lost his focus.

The fact that I was working and trying to finish a writing project probably contributed to my impatience with his lack of insight as well as his inability to truly understand that learning about the Universe puts you into a place where one's perspectives about the world can be changed.

As if he could understand that or even attempt to comprehend.

Thankfully I had just finished watching a news clip about two young men who won a prestigious award that may indeed help find a fast and less aggressive treatment for killing cancer cells. That restored my faith that today's youth are on track and our answers about so many things for the future.

Anyway I was not in a particularly good mood when my neighbors left. I feel bad about it but by the same token I don't like when I'm criticized for the material I read, or watch, and enjoy.

How many times have people come into my house and criticized the fact that I have a lot of books. Some have looked at me as if I'm crazy. Yet...I do not go over to their house and look through their things. I know better. I respect others because of my empathy that they may not like the idea of me going through their things.

Which basically tells me that "respect for others" and "empathy for others" are greatly lacking in some of today's youth.

I think if there was more respect and empathy we wouldn't be a world of nations against nations...religions against religions. Instead there could be more hope for this world instead of a world that may end May 21, 2011.

I now need to get back to my writing project that is about ready to be released.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Transitions Are Difficult!

"As you know, transitions are not easy. I'd love to get your advice on how you've handled transitions in your own life," she said in a video posted on YouTube."

This is a statement made by Maria Shriver. I read it today in a posting on Yahoo which basically announced Maria Shriver's separation from her husband Arnold. I was very sad to hear about the separation. Married 25 years you have to wonder how difficult it really is for two people to stay together especially in today's sometimes chaotic as well as confusing society.

Nonetheless transitions are not easy because they take time. And in the process we who go through them become very confused ourselves and even our lives may take on a chaos that we had not thought possible.

In a way seeing Ms. Shriver's statement about transitions and the fact that she does not know what she's doing at this time while going through the process made me feel slightly better about my own life. I've gone through so many transitions during the course of my a single adult, then married, and motherhood, then employed...unemployed (three times losing jobs through outward reasons) and then widowhood. I'm now transitioning into a phase of my life where I really need to think about what I enjoy doing most as opposed to what I need to do the most.

I'll reach another milestone next month. The fact that this is happening kind of preys on my mind at times reminding me that our time here on this earth is well limited rather than unlimited.

Yet inside I feel the same as I did when I was in my 20's, 30's, 40's...but that's in my mind. My body tells me different. And that's when I know I am transitioning again into a mindset that tells me can't do everything you used to do, and if you want to do it in moderation.

I read somewhere that when we transition at times we might feel a bit crazy inside only because somewhere in our mind we are making the necessary readjustments that will allow us to eventually make that transition to whatever we need to be at this time in our lives.

To do this I guess my advice to Maria Shriver is to do what I've done...simply let go, relax, and for a time just "be!" Focus on our passions in life, do what we truly enjoy doing, and then slowly allow the mind to settle from the chaos that was produced by the unsettling.

I find that at times when I look into a mirror I don't recognize the person I see, or I don't really relate to that person I see. That tells me somewhere inside my brain things need to start clicking until it all comes together.

And frankly I think this takes a lifetime to do.