Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is there such as thing as Serendipity?

The White House

I just finished watching Nicholas Cage's National Treasures with my
granddaughter. It's a pretty good movie, and certainly keeps your

At the very end of the movie one of the characters receives a white
envelope and it's marked from the "White House." Then it struck
me...I have one of those! While clearing out some of my stuff I came
across it and put it in my office somewhere. I received it 15 years
ago after writing some articles for a local newspaper, then sending
one of the articles to President Clinton re the war in Bosnia.

Anyway, I went into my office and looked for it. I found it and
brought it out and gave it to my granddaughter, who thought it was the
coolest thing ever. First to see it on the movie, and then having her
Grammy give her an envelope similar to the one she just saw on TV. We
put it in a special plastic folder. I told her to keep it safe. I'm
hoping one day when she follows her dream of becoming a lawyer or
perhaps a Senator, or who knows, maybe President she'll remember the
envelope I gave her today that was sent directly to me from the White

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