Saturday, November 8, 2008

Giving Back to Veterans -

This is from an excerpt from Time Magazine July 14, 2008 Issue:

"With Veternas Affairs overwhelmed by two wars, it may be a good thing, spiritually, for the rest of us to help those who have sacrificed so much in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few years ago, a colonel who had just returned from combat told me, "Over there, it always felt like we're stuck in hell and the country is at the mall." Part of the responsibility for the disconnect lies with President George W. Bush, who never asked us to sacrifice for the war effort. It's time to rectify that. "I'd like to see every kid in America give part of their allowance to help the troops," Wilpon says. As an elderly kid, I'm giving part of mine. If you want to help, please visit"

I personally am hoping that we bring our troops back. In the meantime, every book I sell of A Soldier's Fortune, a part of those proceeds (10%) will go to this organization.

So you can help by just ordering a copy of A Soldier's Fortune, either in ebook or paperback. 10% of my royalties will be donated to this organization - WelcomeBackVeterans.Org

And don't forget on this Veterans Day to remember those who gave up their lives so that we can remain free. We must do what President Elect Obama encourages, help each other and in turn we will help this nation be once again the strong resilient nation that it can be.

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