Sunday, June 22, 2008

Macrame and Creativity

I've been so busy with living or I should say writing stories as my alter ego, that poor little old me --the real me --has been feeling a bit neglected lately.

Sometimes I get the two mixed up and have to ask myself when I sit down to write, who am I? Am I Marie today? Or am I going to write as my let's say willing to push the envelope psyche, Collette?

Today I think I'll try to remain within the mind frame of simply Marie. And it's Marie who writes the edgy forensic thriller stories. Who also writes stories with that erotic edge as well as tales that are not so erotic but sensual And who has contracted her full length thriller Deadly Secrets to Noble Romance Publishing. This project does not have a release date yet. I do look forward to working on the story through the summer.

Yet, Marie has been sitting on her duff while Collette writes those over the top, sexy, hot hot tales that keep readers coming back for more. Okay if you want to go see some of her covers, just click on Newsletter

In fairness to Marie, she hasn't been idle but has been busily crafting macrame jewelry, also referred to as hemp jewelry. Some of these items will be offered as prizes in upcoming contests on either Marie's or Collette's websites. They are fun necklaces, some of which have these beautiful pendants containing brilliant psychedelic colors.

For those old enough (like moi) to remember the 60's you know what I'm referring to when I mention psychedelic colors. Now grant you I never tried anything that would alter my brain like those psychedelic drugs. I was either too smart or too afraid. I actually did get through the 60's without ever partaking in any of that stuff.

But oh I still recall the psychedelic fashions. I remember the short mini skirts and dresses in bright yellows, greens, blues, pinks, red, purples, all swirly colors that had you wondering if you were even on drugs.

I remember the paisley prints, and the earthy tones, and again all those purples with swirls of that same bright yellow.

And of course the shorter the skirt or dress -- the better! And let's not forget the hot pants...short short shorts!

I was a size two back then, short, skinny, and wore these fashion and back then got away with it. Now they offer a pleasant memory.

When I saw these pendants in one of the craft stores the other day, I knew I had to make up necklaces specifically so that I could wear them. Holding them is like holding a miniature piece of art.

I'll be posting pics of them on Abby Marie Creations website once I get them completed.

These represent a piece of that past, namely the psychedelic age where creative minds also like Collette possessed a no-holds-bar frame of mind.

Collette has asked me to make up a few of these necklaces so that both readers of Marie A. Roy and Collette Thomas will have a chance to win a few. Then they too can be transported back to an age of Aquarius, freedom of mind, and swirly colors.

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