Thursday, June 5, 2008


The photo to the left is of me and my sister celebrating our second birthday. Which one is me? I haven't a clue!!!! And that is always a problem when looking through old photographs of ourselves.

I could be the one on the right.

Or (squinting my eyes) I could be the one on the left.

I think I'm the one on the come to think of it that's me on the left. Frankly, I can't tell.

We were born June 11, 194(?). Our scheduled delivery date was supposed to have been July 8. But nature had other plans. My sister at 5 pounds was able to go home and do her thing. Me? Weighing in at four pounds, two ounces, I stayed a month longer. At least this gave my parents a chance to see what taking care of one baby was going to be like, and enough time to practice until I made my entry into their lives. Needless to say their lives were never the same afterward.

This photo was taken way back when World War II was over for a couple of years. My dad had come home from the war the previous September before our births. My parents had already been married eight years prior to his coming home! And they had wanted kids but it just didn't happen, not until my dad's stint in the army was over.

Yeah, I have to say June was always a good good month for us. My sister and I as you can see in the photo above shared birthdays but we did not share a cake. Mom always made sure each of us had our very own cake.

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