Friday, July 1, 2011


This is a review from Amazing Authors Showcase for my book formerly A Soldier's Fortune and retitled To Love A Soldier. I thought this would be a perfect time to re-introduce this story for the upcoming July 4th weekend. This book hasn't received much exposure over the years, in fact very little. I now retain all rights so am able to upload it to the various publishers' websites such as Amazon and Smashwords.

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Below is one of several reviews where To Love A Soldier (formerly A Soldier's Fortune earned itself four stars!

"A wonderful romance that spans decades, Ms. Roy has broken the mold of the same old same old in romantic fiction to bring us a down-to-earth hero and heroine.

Thirty years ago Sean McIntyre broke Lia Stewart's heart when he didn't show up for their scheduled elopement. She'd left the meeting place hurt and dejected, believing Sean had let her down in love. She left Split Maple Ridge with no intentions of returning.

Sean had dropped out of Harvard Law and enlisted in the service and became a Medevac helicopter pilot during the Vietnam Conflict. Now he owns McIntyre Construction where he hires Vietnam Vets to work for him. A job lands him in Split Maple Ridge, Vermont to develop some land for a condo building project. Lia's father, Eliah Stewart, plans on stopping the development even if it means shooting at the workers from a tree. He believes Native American artifacts will be destroyed if the project continues.

Lia rushes to Vermont to mount a archeological rescue dig to pacify her cantankerous old father and keep him out of jail. She hadn't planned on staying long, but Eliah breaks a leg and Sean offers them a place to stay until he's recovered.

Lia and Sean are still drawn to each other. Thirty years couldn't erase those old feeling, but both carry secrets about the night of their foiled elopement that needs to be out in the open before they can start anew.

Can love survive over time and distance, secrets and lies? To Love A Soldier makes you believe love really can conquer all."

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