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Hayley Elizabeth’s Connection

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to death knows that our connections do not end after death, certainly, and synchronistic events sometimes appear as reminders of this fact.  (There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives by Robert H. Hopcke)
On Saturday night September 5, 2010 while driving home from a dance in North Haven, CT I suggested to my boyfriend Joe that he change the radio station from Sirius Radio to the night time show Delilah (Pillow Talk) on FM 100.5.  We don’t normally listen to this station when we go out.  In fact my boyfriend has never listened to this station and never knew of its existence. 
We left the dance earlier than usual, before eleven.  Normally we stay for coffee and dessert.  We realized later that we probably would not have caught this particular show or the request/dedication that came on if we had stayed at the dance longer.
While listening to the requests and dedications that were being called in to the show, one particular request/dedication caught our attention.  A young father called in to dedicate a song to his newborn daughter (2 weeks old).  From the tone of his voice we could tell that he was quite exuberant in his joy in announcing that he was the proud father of a baby girl.
Delilah asked him the name of the baby.
He told her the name was Hayley Elizabeth.
My friend noted the first name because his granddaughter’s name is also Hayley.  He told me later he didn’t really catch the middle name.  I did make note of it but I didn’t say anything at the time until also later.  The middle name was the same as my mother’s name, which is Elizabeth.
The following Sunday morning we decided to take my PeekaPoo dog Sugar for her walk.  Usually I would take her around the neighborhood but this morning I suggested that we take her to Norton Park.  I hadn't been to this park yet this year and thought it would be nice to take her some place different.  I live in XXXXXX and I usually stay in my own area for her walks, but I felt strongly on this particular morning to take her to Norton Park. 
My friend and I strolled around the walking paths in Norton Park.  My friend spotted the Canal plaque that gives a history of the canal.  We then sat on a nearby bench to enjoy the beautiful sunny bright morning. 
I was ready to head for the car with Sugar but my friend insisted that we stop to look at the gazebo.  It was then we discovered the gazebo was dedicated to the Petit family. 
We then stepped inside the gazebo where we sat for a moment of silence.  My friend began to read the names inscribed on each of the plaques placed on the benches inside the gazebo. 
One read Hayley Elizabeth Petit and we realized the first and middle names were the same as in the dedication made the night before by that young father for his baby girl.
It was at that moment that I realized the significance of the words expressed above and that such a thing as synchronicity does exist in our world. 
We both recognized that this may not have been a coincidence to first choose to leave the dance early, then choose to listen to the radio station that Saturday night, and then choose to go to Norton Park for a walk the next Sunday morning. 
We believe that we may have experienced one of these synchronistic events Mr. Hopcke speaks of in his book. We may have been destined to listen to the radio on Saturday night and then take my PeekaPoo for her walk through Norton Park and visit the Gazebo Sunday morning.
We were meant to be there so that we could make that synchronistic “connection” and be made aware that Hayley Elizabeth is doing fine and that she wants you, Dr Petit, to know that she is with you during what will be a most tumultuous time of your life as the trial begins.   
My friend Joe and I and all your supporters will be with you as will the spirits of your family while you go through these most difficult times ahead.
Marie and Joe

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