Sunday, September 5, 2010


This will be brief but needs to be said somewhere and what better place than a blog!

Why do people insist on going to the movies where they pay good money to watch a film and then spend the time "texting" on their cell phones.

It makes no sense.

Do they not realize that when they put those phones on the screen on that cell phone is brighter than the screen on which I'm trying to watch the movie that I also paid good money to watch. 

This past Friday my friend and I went to the movies to watch the new Julia Robert film, Eat, Pray, Love. 

At one point I did not know what to watch, the flickering screens of the distracted movie goers as they text their friends, or Julia Roberts. 

It is sad. 

Are some members of this newest  generation so self-absorbed, selfish, rude, and downright stupid that they actually believe they can do texting thing inside a movie theater? 

It's downright scary because this can be an indication of a world of the self-absorbed, as well as the selfish, and rude demonstrating stupidity a that in coming years may be prevalent among those who fill up positions requiring not only intelligence (doctors, lawyers, airline pilots) but also common sense.  

To sit inside a movie theater with an Iphone on or  whatever type of phone and knowing or just plain ignoring the fact that the screen on those phones is very bright and is going to bother, irritate, and downright affect the pleasure of those other moviegoers sitting to the side or behind is arrogance in its most purest form.
When I sat in that movie theater to the left, to the right, and in several rows toward the front of me these inconsiderate, stupid, clueless moviegoers were turning on cell phones.  They  had me wondering if I wasn't in some backwoods instead with fireflies lighting up around me.

Using a cell phone for whatever reason inside a move theater is disrespectful to every movie goer who came to watch the movie.  What if I decide to bring my digital camera and started taking pictures using a flash of course inside a movie theater?  What if I brought a small portable battery operated TV and decided to watch other shows while watching the movie?  All this is

Get real folks! 

Cell phones need to be turned OFF inside movie theater!  Before each movie this RULE is flashed on the screen in letters large enough so no one misses the warning! 

God help us all if these cell phone distractors are the future leaders of our world.   Maybe just maybe there's something to be said about December 21, 2012 when the world as we know it will be no longer.  In fact that's happening right now in movie theaters with patrons who defy the rules.

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