Friday, July 31, 2009

What Gets on the News Today!

All writers come to know how difficult it can be to promote our stories. This is part of the overall plan when working as a writer whether in fiction or nonfiction. And for those of us who don't get the nice advances, it becomes that much more difficult especially in these hard economic times.

Now wouldn't it be great if we could get called to appear on talk shows or news broadcasts such as the Today Show? What a wonderful thing that would be if I called say the Today Show and asked them to do an interview of me, a virtually unknown writer. Here I could promote at least my contemporary romances and hopefully the erotic romances. Just how many people would this help? Besides the publishers I'm with, the spotlight would also focus on those behind the scenes such as my editors, the copy artists, those who maintain the websites, do the payrolls, etc.

Yet, I am sure if I call any of these talk shows or news broadcasts I will receive a flat sorry, but we can't fit you in, meaning they prefer someone more well known.

I watched the Today Show this morning and they had on as a guest the ten year old boy who stole his father's car and went for a joy ride! He said he didn't want to go to church.

Yes the boy is very cute, and all kids are at his age. Just look at my four grandkids here. And yes, he looked really cute jumping from that car as the police chased him. Yet, what I really saw was a possible "criminal" in the making. Harsh words yes. But the fact that he got to strut his stuff on the Today Show was in and of itself a pretty nice reward for behavior that should not be tolerated in any shape or form.

I do know my late husband would have been shaking his head in disbelief considering the students he had had to deal with over the years. And parents who would defend their kids behavior and call the administrators to do something about these teachers who try to make kids tow the mark.

All of my grandkids did very well in school during the past school year. All are now moving on to the next grade. One is in kindergarten, one is in first grade, the other is moving in to third grade, and the oldest is now a fifth grader.

The fifth grader wrote two stories, both of which have received recognition by her teachers, the school, and her peers. But if I were to call the Today Show and ask that they have my granddaughter on to tell about her accomplishments I would probably be turned down flat. She not only wrote these stories, she also took part in soccer, basketball, dance, and is now in rehearsals for a town production of Grease. She also brought home a report card of all A plusses. You can imagine how teary eyed I got seeing that she worked extra hard in math since last year she was getting B's. My late husband taught high school math and would have been doing the Snoopy dance all over the place (despite the fact he lacked some rhythm) knowing his grandkids work very hard in school. They are not out there taking their parents' cars and going off on any joy ride.

When I put on the news now all I hear is a lot of criticism of this, and complaints on that, and those who cause chaos in our society are recognized worldwide.

How about recognizing some of those who actually put their nose to the grindstone? Who live pretty ordinary lives yet strive to accomplish their goals.

I don't know about anyone else, but watching that little boy jump from the car, and race into the house had me thinking I was actually watching one of the crime shows on TV where the perpetrator is running from the cops and actually think he can get away with it.

This little boy should write a book about his experience as a fugitive. I'm sure he'll get on all the talk shows. Soon we'll have many more little boys and little girls following in his footsteps.

Why strive for A plusses when you can get to New York and on the Today Show because you decided to take a joy ride in your parents' car.

The Today Show can EMAIL me if they want me to bring my granddaughter who will be more than happy to talk about the two great stories she wrote. She may even put in a plug about her grandmother as well.


Fiona Vance said...

I saw the clip on MSNBC last night and kind of chuckled... thinking how that kid was gonna get it as soon as his parents saw the cop tearing across their yard after him... Apparenty I was wrong.

Fiona VAnce

Collette Thomas said...

The thing is other kids will see this and might just say, hey maybe I should try something stupid, I can get into a concert, or get noticed, etc. The kid got front row seating at the concert as well. Did anyone not realize what this meant, that yes kids can do foolish these dangerous stunts and get rewarded for it. I at first laughed when I first saw it on the news then realized myself what if he had killed someone, maimed someone, even an innocent animal if not another child? Go figure.

Paris said...

I have to shake my head at most news today. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what's going on today. The seven year old who boosted his dad's car is the darling of the hour while the kid who does what he's supposed to gets very little recognition.

Come to think of it, it's kind of how they treat the Corporations they couldn't allow to fail and the average American who is doing everything they can to survive and being told to give more because the people who caused the problem need more money so they can do it all over again.

The idea that we just need to be bad enough to be recognized doesn't sit well with me. Thanks for the great post.