Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

Yes, I was one of the millions who watched the entire broadcast yesterday of the memorial. Personally, I thought it was well done. Like one newscaster stated, there was a nice mix of speeches, eulogies, and songs. It was done in good taste.

I watched with mixed emotions; a great deal of sadness for the family. Jackson's songs will always be a part of my life because listening to them brings back many memories of several time periods, back to my early 20's, through the 30's, and beyond.

As one fan stated these songs whether we like it or not are part of the fabric of our being. When we hear them we are brought back to those times in our lives that we might or might not want to remember.

For me they bring back good times with my growing family, and good times with my late husband Bob. Whatever else happened in Michael Jackson's life lies outside of that emotional connection that I have with his music.

And I thank Mr. Jackson for providing me a gift of his songs. This is a gift that he gave the world.

Good and bad things will be said about him.

But nothing can take away the fact that through all of his songs he touched our hearts, uplifted our spirits, and put smiles on our faces.

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