Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer vacations!

There's a lot to do on a summer vacation. Spend a day at the beach. Fly to a faraway place. Swim in a backyard pool. Take long walks in the woods, get nearer to nature. But still kids get bored and you have to get creative. Take that energy and put it to good use. That's what I did and in so doing I now have one of the spiffiest mailboxes on my street. Yep what can be regarded as work for some is a whole lot of fun for others.

Take a look!


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Nice mailbox, Marie! :) It is funny how some people can enjoy the things we totally consider work. And then again, friends of mine who work on a computer all day have no idea how I can go home and sit on one for another 5-6 hrs after work. :)

Thursday I'm blogging about summer vacations at the LASR Author Spotlight.

Collette Thomas said...

That's because what we do on these computers we don't regard as work. I love what I do, writing my stories, chatting on the various loops, promoting my books. I have learned that I do need so many hours of sleep and why I turn this thing off before midnight and am up bright and cheery the next morning, ready to go at it again.