Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day of the Month

Yes, another month gone by. The weather is beautiful. Clear. Bright. Low humidity. And no rain in sight. That will come tomorrow. If my parents had lived beyond their 80's they would be celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary. When you think of it anyone celebrating anything past seventy years is pretty darn good. I made it to thirty-three and actually figured on seeing fifty. God has his own plans for everyone. We just need to accept them and continue on.

I've been doing that working on several writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. It has been slow, like me the older I become it seems the slower I get things done. I am like the tortoise, I eventually get to where I'm going.

I had a hearing test the other day. Not surprising I do have some hearing loss yet it is so small it doesn't give me too much concern. I can still hear the ticking of a wall clock in my kitchen so that tells me...what do I want to hear that is softer than the ticking of a clock anyway? Mice crawling through my walls? The weather is getting colder and this time of year the field mice find their way in. I had three living in my basement some years ago. I would trap them in these no kill traps. Then I would release them into the backyard. After a while it felt as if I were releasing them out there to get some air and then that night they'd come back inside where it was nice and warm. I made the mistake of naming them --- Minnie, Molly, and Mo.

My dog now takes care of them by barking at the walls. Little do they know how small she is...her bark far worse than her size.

Fall is here and unlike some who travel miles to see the foliage, I merely drive to the nearest Walgreens via the back roads. Color is starting to burst now and I am reminded that we need to enjoy the weather now before the first snowfall. That is when I should be more productive as I hunker down inside and continue to work on all of my projects.

Meantime, I'm getting the dog's leash to let her know we are out of here for her morning walk.

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