Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

I should have been writing today instead I spent an afternoon at a Verizon store. I bought myself a new phone and now I can text. I didn't get anything too expensive, in fact this one was on special and the cost wasn't that bad. I always figure I could get away without the texting. That was several years ago. Now I'm finding "everyone" text. And there are good pros to this being that you can send someone a message and not call them. This works especially well if they're in a meeting or can't pick up the phone. Yet they can check for messages and text back without having to call back and talk. Again, there's a plus to this.

I'm finding you really can't get away with ignoring technology at least not for too long because then you can find yourself becoming so out of touch with everything, you're no longer living in the "real" world. Unless you're living a cloistered life you can find yourself not only in the dark but having no clue to what is happening around you.

So now I can text. I do have a limit of how many still I don't see myself using up the 250 allowed to me on my plan in one month. Then again as I become more and more connected to this "real" world I may even go over that amount.

Today was a productive day in terms of the phone. Now I need to refocus back on my writing projects, one of which is well over 80K. The other is a short erotic romance dealing with online dating, something I no longer do. Yet, thinking back to those times when I was online there are good stories to be created inspired by my moment of insanity. Online is a whole other creature that can take someone to places they may normally not go.

And it certainly provides fodder for any creative mind simply because life in the online dating world can be far stranger than fiction.

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