Monday, October 18, 2010

Did I See Dead People?

There are some things that cannot be explained, reasoned out, or rationalized.  Well, maybe so but after yesterday's occurrence I'm still trying to figure out how things happened in the way they happened, and I still can't figure it out.  Especially since someone who was with me and is quite logical, rational, and practical is having the same difficulty, i.e. coming up with an explanation that  makes perfect sense.

My friend and I took a nice drive through the Connecticut countryside, specifically toward Bethlehem, Connecticut.  I wanted to visit a place called The Abbey of Regina Laudis, which is located in that town.  I wanted to show my friend this place knowing how he enjoys places with a lot of history, and also that he enjoys anything that falls within a spiritual context.

The Abbey of Reginas Laudis is not difficult to find....take Route 6 then Route 61, then a left off that road and in less than five minutes down that particular road take another left and you're there. 

For more information and background on this location just CLICK HERE

We drove up into the parking lot which is on top of a hill.  We exited the car, with my PeekaPoo on her leash we began to walk down the hill toward the chapel.  I had been here before many years ago and wanted my friend to see this chapel which when one enters takes you back into another time period.  

We were only a few feet from the car when we saw three people coming up the hill; two women and a young girl and they were walking toward what we presumed was their car to leave.  

They smiled at us and at my dog.  There was something about the little girl who could have been no more than ten or eleven that caught my attention.  She did not look well.  On one wrist she wore a bracelet but it looked like the kind of bracelet patients wear when admitted for hospital care.  Also, there was a very dark black and blue mark around her left eye.  She smiled at my dog but raised her hands in the air ensuring she would not touch her.

We said hello to them and then proceeded down the hill, and into the foyer of the chapel where we stayed no more then ten seconds, then proceeded through an opened doorway leading into the chapel area. 

As soon as we entered I noticed three people sitting in the front seats.   I held my dog tightly in my arms, and I sat two or three rows in back of them.   

The middle one turned and I recognized her as the young girl, and then recognized the two older women, the same people who moments before we had greeted in the parking lot at the top of the hill.   

To myself I said how did they get here so fast, in fact how did they get ahead of us?  It appeared they had been sitting there awhile because they immediately got up and left.  

We left as well and once outside did not see them anywhere on the grounds, as if they had vanished into thin air. 

At this point I did not make any comments about what I had seen.  It was when my friend made comments about them that it reinforced inside my own mind that what I had processed, which was their presence inside the chapel when seconds before we saw them heading for their car that this wasn't any figment of my imagination.

Believe me we tried to come up with a sane explanation for this whole occurrence, yet neither one of us ever said outright that this might be something that can't be explained away. 

I sit here now as I blog about this and am still trying to resolve inside my mind how these three people had ended up in the chapel before us.  

First, they were headed in the opposite direction, second, they did not follow behind us down the road toward the chapel, and third when we left the chapel we saw no car leave unless there was another exit.   

All quite confusing, as well as curious, and makes me wonder if perhaps I had  seen "dead people."

And of course with a writer's mind I immediately come up with a 'behind the scenes' scenario of what really might have occurred.

The young girl was in the hospital, and had died, and had been greeted by two of her relatives, perhaps her mother and an aunt, or a grandmother and an aunt, both who had passed on and now were showing her soul its way back home. 

En route they decided to stop at The Abbey of Regina Laudis, and what better place for a soul to rest its "weary soul"? 

I'd like to think the scenario has some relevance.  I'd like to think that at times we the living may be privy enough to learn about what occurs on the "other side," or what is in store for us in the hereafter.  Oh yes, I will be going to see Clint Eastwood's new movie,  The Hereafter!

My late husband, my parents, my in-laws,  and all my aunts and uncles have passed on so I'm thinking how nice it can be that I will get a chance to see some if not all of them again. 

And when I do I may just suggest to them as we hopefully make our way back through the pearly gates, let's stop and rest a bit at a place called The Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

I think they would all enjoy that visit. 

I know I would.  


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Beautiful blog.

Many people are aware of those who have "dropped the body" and not yet moved on.

Some places, older places, tend to have more thetans or spirits without bodies, than other places.

This then begs the question, are we merely a thing, no different than a car that moves, but simply made of organic material from an environmentally conscious higher being, an accident that has a personality based upon chemicals...

...Or are we indeed the spirit itself, a knowing, thinking being, separate from the body, that merely inhabits the body for awhile until it reaches its planned obsolescence, using it for our journey, until the body expires...

Kind of like the way we use our car for shorter excursions...

If so, then it is not a far reach at all, to understand and appreciate that you saw, not your body, but YOU, the spiritual being, saw several other spiritual beings, moving along on their journey.

Collette Thomas said...

As I get older I feel I'm moving toward a closer connection to something that is far beyond this world. I am also finding it comforting simply because it reassures me there is more than what is here.

elaine cantrell said...

What a beautifully written piece! I so enjoyed reading it. Why don't you go ahead and write that story? I'd read it.