Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Days!

I don't particularly like rainy days and isn't there a song with that title , specifically a Karen Carpenter's song?  Well, it's true especially if those rainy day falls on a Monday and then the forecast has more of the same for Tuesday into Wednesday.  

And I certainly don't like rainy days after what I've been reading through my research on Vitamin D.  I like sunshine!  I'm not the proverbial sun worshipper but knowing why we need the sun has put a whole different perspective on things.  

We derive Vitamin D through interactions between UV rays and our skin, which I've discovered is not just a vitamin but a hormone that our systems require for optimal health.  And once we get that Vitamin D, then we absorb that calcium, which in turn helps to build stronger bones.

Okay so the fact that sunshine is actually good for us sans sunscreen lets me know why I feel great when I get myself out there and get some of those rays while walking my dog.  I come back from the walk feeling pretty darn good and ready to take on whatever project I'm working on.  Today was definitely not one of those days. 

Today I had a somewhat difficult time getting down to business.  

My weekend was quite busy and productive in terms of doing all the things I love to do which mostly consisted of dancing as well as walking my dog.  I spent time with a special person so I'm sure that is part of the reason why I feel this let down.  I should've gone to the Zumba class at the gym but the gloomy day pretty much made it easier to just stay put. 

Then again I've become accustomed to having people come into my life for a time, and disappear.  When you get to be my age that happens more often than not.  So for the time I'm with that person(s) I do appreciate the camaraderie as well as the activities.   For a long time now I've learned to simply live in the moment, not look toward a future of guarantees.  For some inexplicable reason something inside me will not allow me to do that,  which is to feel a certainty in life that I had once felt when my life was on a more even keel. 

Mondays become a real let down for me  especially after these busy weekends and especially when Monday turns out to be as gloomy as this Monday.   A reminder of how I dread the shorter days as well as the cold winter months ahead.  

I truly feel I need to be somewhere warmer, and where the sun shines most of the time.  My whole being tells me that's where I probably belong eventually at least during those long winter months that seem to go on and on here in the Northeast.

On days like this I can't help but recall those hot summers spent in Florida (Sarasota/Bradenton) and how great I always felt.  Of course I would feel that way.  I'm sure my Vitamin D levels where way up there where they're supposed to be.  My family and I spent a lot of hours on the the beaches, or in the warm salty waters either Holmes Beach or Coquina Beach.  I'm sure that is one reason why my father-in-law lived to the ripe age of 96 moving down there in the early 70's.  He was still riding his two wheel bike around hismobile home park well into his nineties. 

I took my Vitamin D supplements today and ate some canned Sockeye Salmon, some yogurt, and anything else that might contain some calcium, or magesium and of course Vitamin D, taking the approach that mindful eating helps to enhance my mood rather than suppress it.   And  there is that container of Hagen Daz Vanilla Almond ice cream sitting in the freezer waiting for me.

Rainy Mondays are more or less lonely days for me as well.  I start to reminisce too much about the past.  I think of the days when the screen doors would constantly open and close as my sons came and went.  knowing at this time of year we as a family would plan for some vacation, either short or long, and getting ready for that trip.  

When we're younger and working outside the home loneliness does not become too much of a factor in our lives.  It is when we reach that  time in our lives when life slows down some, and we find we have more time to reflect, to think, or to dwell on a past that offers us its memories. 

Rainy days and Mondays become a time for reflection of what once was and will never be again. 

Yes indeed, I need to go to my freezer, pull out that container of vanilla ice cream, and feed that part of me that needs uplifting.   Or maybe a nice glass of red wine!   I'm glad I have my puppy here to keep me company and put a smile on my face!  Tomorrow we will get each other out, probably to a Petco or Petsmart then over to my sister's for supper. 

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