Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Great Day to Shop

In a little while I'm off to meet up with the grandkids at Friendly's for lunch.   From there we are headed to Kohl's to do some serious school shopping.  I love Khol's because they always have some pretty good buys.  I know this sounds like the proverbial commercial.  When I started to go out to dances, Kohl's was the store for me which I frequented regularly for my shopping needs.  As a single lady again, and with grown kids on their own, and pretty much on my own, I have to say I had no trouble filling up my closets.

But today I'll concentrate on buying for two of my grandkids who are now going into the second and fifth grades.  I can't believe it!  I'll take the other two grandkids out later this week as well. They are going into the first and sixth grade, and if that doesn't make me feel older.  Probably one of the reasons I get up mornings with stiffening joints.  Yep, I'm getting older!

This is the best times of their lives where learning is still fun, and there is just so much to learn that one needs a lifetime to keep up with it all.   I know I'm still learning, which I feel should be ongoing from birth to the time we slip into the next world.

Meantime, today the sun is out, the humidity isn't too bad, and it's a great day to get out there to shop during tax free week here in Connecticut.

Yeah!  It's Tax Free Week!

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