Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Thing for Dr. Oz

I finally had to admit to myself today while standing in line at a local Price Chopper that I may have "a thing going" for Dr. Oz. Then again so does probably a million or more other women (and some men) who watch his show every day.

Today when I noticed a woman standing behind me and staring at what I had put on the conveyor belt, particularly one of the items I realized she probably was not familiar with Baramundie which is a fish and in fact is what the package contained.

Baramundie is a white fish. Baramundie is what Dr. Oz recommends that we eat simply because it's one of the best fish to eat besides Salmon. One can eat just so much salmon. Baramundie is usually found in the frozen fish section in the fish department. You can Google it to find out more about it and the fact that it is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Getting back to Dr. Oz, I informed the woman what the package contained. I then shared with her why I buy it now because of Dr. Oz's recommendation. I also shared with her that Dr. Oz and I as well as my sister will share the same birthday this week. Her eyes lit up at the mention of Dr. Oz's name.

It was then I realized also that his show has greatly influenced what I now buy in any grocery store. Today I bought not only the Baramundie fish, but also raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, Shitake and Maitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, veggie burgers as well as Smart Dogs, which look like hot dogs but are made from tofu. Also, spring greens, Benecol spread, Greek yogurt, a package of frozen vegetables as well as a package of frozne Edame beans. I did regress when I picked up a small container of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream.

A special friend will be over later and we will enjoy a dinner comprised of the Baramundie fish, sweet potatoes, salad, and the ice cream for dessert. We will also enjoy a nice glass or two of a white wine...probably a Chardonnay.

I think TVshows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors (which I also faithfully watch each day_ teach us that we should be buying our groceries in a mindful fashion which can result in far better choices as far as nutrition.

Healthcare I guess will always be a "biggie" with me in terms of what it is doing to not only ourselves but our nation.

I read somewhere that during the "big" wars (WWI and WWII) when Americans needed to ration what they used and were eating less meat, as well as less sugary foods, and incorporating more of the bean dishes, and the soups that contain vegetables the incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure became lower. That is no coincidence.

Yet, today I spot customers in these stores filling carriages with sugar laden sodas, salty snacks, fatty meats, and highly processed foods that only aggravate any condition they may already have, or be the trigger in developing any of those conditions.

We are in essence merely "feeding tubes." Why are we careful what we put into our gas tanks. Why can't we be more careful of what we put into our own bodies? Each cell needs certain nutrients to thrive. It makes me wonder about a certain soda which actually disperses grease off a cement floor what that will do to us when we ingest it into our stomachs? Yet, many Americans feel they can not live without this drink. 

I would love to see classes and courses given that explain the digestive process, and what the body truly needs to stay healthy. Also, what foods will actually harm us in the long run, producing illnesses that are not only pushing healthcare costs to an all time high, but taking away from resources that can make our country a far healthier and productive country.

Anyway, getting back to Dr. Oz, I'm hoping more and more will watch his show, try to understand what he is trying to tell us in terms of what WE should be doing to maintain a healthy life style.

Meantime, later today I'm going to enjoy my Baramundie fish and all the trimmings!

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