Thursday, September 3, 2009

It has been touch and go so far with me and Sugar. I'm getting acquainted with her ways and in turn she's learning what to expect from me. It's a two way thing going on here. There are no winners or losers, just simply getting to know our limitations, our flaws, weaknesses as well as strengths and how far one can push the other.

Sugar is still in the puppy stages of development so I do give her some latitude. At the same time she needs to know her boundaries, and the fact that none of my shoes, sneakers, or sandals are any part of her own growing pile of chew toys.

Today we go to Petco to get more food and probably another chew toy or one that will be good for a game of pull and tug.

There are moments when I'm ready to load her into her carrier, plop it into the front seat of my car and head back to that puppy store telling them I must've not been in the right state of mind, and return her.

Those moments are more fleeting now. They only come when I find her discovering another electrical cord behind a sofa or chair, or dashing through the house with one of my sandals, or missing the poopie pad.

Yet she's someone to get up for in the mornings. Someone else to think about during the day and provide for her needs. I think of the long winter months ahead and surmise that Sugar's company is going to be a welcome plus in my life.

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Blaise said...

Marie -- All of my dogs have been "rescues," -- some were free -- some I had to pay for. My current is a male, fawn, boxer that I rescued to 4 years ago from Massachusetts. He was ferried to me down the highway to Connecticut where I got him. I know what you mean about "puppys." For almost a year, I was going to trade him back in where he came from. At coming up to 5 yrs. old, and he's got lots of puppy ways.
BUT -- we're "mostly" on the same page nowadays. He's as sweet as can be. But he doesn't see anybody else. He he he! I kept him off my bed for a year, but one time when I thought he wasn't feeling well, I let him come up. Well! You know how that goes. He's there every night. And I can tell you, he keeps my back warm!
Glad to hear you're enjoying Sugar. She looks real cute!